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Increase Your Sales And Maximize ROI Across Multiple Ad Channels By Targeting InMarket Prospects That Are Actively Pursuing A Purchase Of What You Sell Right Now!

Increase Sales

Here's What I Can Do For You:

  • Identify, track and report in-the-market prospects to you by tracking their online navigation and keyword search.

  • Get the name, address, phone number and email of prospects that are right now actively pursuing a purchase in your niche market.

  • Turn your anonymous site visitors into contact info, allowing you to do multi-channel marketing with 100% accurate sales match.

  • Deliver maximum use of ad spend, get new clients at an affordable cost and provide a competitive advantage over your competition.

Target The 3% Who Are Ready To Buy Right Now!

All commerce is driven by this 3% including all sales at your company. These are your high probability leads and your quickest profit opportunities.
InMarket Leads are based on Real Time Buying Behavior, so you can maximize your ROI. Our exclusive and proprietary technology lowers first click cost 50%-75%.
Multi-channel, multi-touch and multi-device at Facebook, AdWords, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Direct Mail and Outbound call.
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